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Legend of AA Meeting Types
ABSI = As Bill Sees It D = Discussion Meeting O = Open Meeting C = Closed Meeting
SP = Speaker Meeting ST = Step Study TR = Traditions Study BB = Big Book Study
Note: Any AA meeting may be of more tha one type, for example: Open/Discussion or Closed/Speaker.
Note: An @ Indicates that Alanon meets at the time and place as this AA meeting.

Detailed Descriptions of AA Meeting Types

Open Meeting
Anyone who wishes to may attend this meeting, and spouses or loved ones often attend.

Closed Meeting
Thus is the same as the open meeting with the exception that only people with a desire to stop drinking, or people who think they may have problem with drinking, may attend.

Discussion Meeting
Discussion meetings can be either "Open" or "Closed", as described below. This is a general round-the-table discussion. Someone chairs the meeting. The chairperson will open the meeting asking all to join in saying the Serenity Prayer. Next members will read the AA preamble and other passages from AA literature. The chairperson will ask if anyone present is attending their very first A.A. meeting. You may raise your hand at that point and give your first name if you so desire, but this is not mandatory. The leader usually picks a topic that relates to alcoholism and anyone who wishes may talk on that topic. Usually the person speaking is not interrupted.

Speaker Meeting
A speaker tells his or her story for the entire meeting, usually following a format of:
  1. What life was like when he or she drank
  2. What happened to make them stop drinking
  3. What sobriety means to their life now

Step Study
This meeting would concentrate on studying the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, the core of the program. This is a good meeting for members who are new to the program. Many of the members of A.A. find these steps to be the solution to the disease of alcoholism.

Big Book Study This meeting is specifically designed to help us to improve our understanding of the book, "Alcoholics Anonymous". This is another good meeting for members who are new to the program.

Tradition Study
This meeting would concentrate on studying the 12 Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous, which are meant to safeguard the program from outside influeneces and preserve its original intent.